Officers & Directors of the Temple Emanu-El Women’s Auxiliary

Leslie Hecht
Dr. Florence Milch
Ann Shapiro
Cecelia A. Hauptman*
Lisa Senter
Lisa Senter
Vice President
Vice President
Assistant Treasurer
Recording Secretary
Susan Alexander
Rhoda Altman
Bunny Barb*
Jocelyn F. Chait*
Phyllis Cohen
Eva Cooper
Dr. Eileen Cutler
Benay Ostrager-DiGia
Joanne Froelich
Michelle Goldstein
Phyllis Hahn
Nikola Hennes
Alexandra Bloch Jeydel
Dr. Susan Kincaid
Rhona Lipton
Julie Perlin
Danna Polikoff **
Dee Rosenthal
Viviane Sallay
Iris Warren
Marcia Waxman*
Deborah Weiss-Weinman
Nora Weinreich*
Amy Diamond
Marjorie Dreyfus
Barbara Kummel
Ruth Rabb
Barbara Streicker
Rona Weinstein
Cantor Mia Fram Davidson
Sylvia Posner
Joanne Sobel
Dionne Gorbea

** Religious School Liaison     * Past President

2018 President’s Message

I am thrilled and honored to be the president of the Women’s Auxiliary of Temple Emanu-El, which is now in its 96th year.

For the past 8 years, I have been Chairman of the Program Committee. It has been a privilege planning so many exciting events. When I began, my vision was to create interesting and fun programs. Based upon the response and participation of temple members and their guests, I must humbly say that we have achieved that goal. Lasting friendships have been made, bringing people together from our diverse community, and in turn a stronger community has evolved.

As president of the Women’s Auxiliary, I will bring the same passion, sensitivity, heart and love that I have given in the last 8 years, to ensure that this magnificent organization continues to shine as a warm welcoming arm of our beloved Emanu-El.

My sense of responsibility to honor and respect the amazing women that have held this position in the past is of great importance to me.
Going forward, our future is bright, inclusive, relevant, and magnificent.

We will embrace the past and give thanks to what has brought us here today, to sustain the importance of our organization.
This moment is about our tomorrows, and our many exciting programs old and new.

I hope that my enthusiasm will inspire you to participate in our events, volunteer when needed, invite members of the Emanu-El community to join us at one of our events, or go to the book club or even volunteer for one of our initiatives. I know that I will certainly be inspired by your commitment and devotion to the Women’s Auxiliary.

— Leslie Hecht, Women’s Auxiliary President