Shabbat Kodesh

All are welcome at this inspirational and uplifting family-friendly prayer service, which is led by our clergy and features familiar faces from our Religious School community.

The next Shabbat Kodesh service will take place in Beth El Chapel at 7:15 PM on Friday, April 14, 2023.

Religious School and Member families are invited to join us for a festive Shabbat dinner in Wise Hall at 6:00 PM prior to Shabbat Kodesh services. Click the link below to learn more and register!

Email: | Phone: 212-507-9546

Shabbat Kodesh Social Story

For families with children with special needs, please download this copy of our social story for the next service.

Shabbat Kodesh Prayers & Blessings

The Shabbat Kodesh Family Worship Service is similar to the worship conducted in our Religious School and enables our students to build a prayer community with their families and other Emanu-El members. The following prayers and blessings are offered to help with preparation for the service. Listen below, or download the complete PDF file.