“It was the best trip ever, hands down. Very good balance of organized activities and free time.”

“All of it was amazing!! Experiencing the highlights with Rabbi Davidson and Saul and hearing their perspective, spending time getting to know the other families, and most importantly…my son’s Bar Mitzvah!”

“I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable, intelligent, passionate, smart, warm & friendly tour guide. He was better that we ever could have hoped for. We still miss him!”

“Literally everything was great but I’ll try to come up with some highlights: bullet factory, rappelling, archeological dig, food in general, Yad Vashem, Old City of Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea. Okay, I basically just repeated the itinerary.”

A Family Adventure Like No Other!

Join Rabbi Joshua Davidson and Saul Kaiserman as Temple Emanu-El returns to Israel in December of 2020.

The Temple Emanu-El Family Trip to Israel, led by Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson and Religious School Director Saul Kaiserman is a breathtaking adventure filled with special activities for family members of every age. As you might expect,

  • We swim in the Dead Sea
  • Hike up Masada
  • Enjoy falafel and other treats in bustling Tel Aviv markets
  • And pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

But on an Emanu-El family trip, you’ll do so much more:

  • Celebrate Shabbat with Israeli Reform Jewish families
  • Meet with active duty IDF soldiers
  • Plant trees to help in the recovery from a forest fire, and pack food packages to be distributed to needy Israelis
  • Ride a camel and a jeep, and fly a fighter jet (well ok, that one’s a simulator)
  • While the kids are out for pizza and a scavenger hunt, you’ll have a date-night for adults

Also, Israel is also the ideal place for a child to become a bar or bat mitzvah, in a worship service led by Rabbi Davidson.

Check out the gallery of images and video from our 2018 trip on this page to get a glimpse of what the 2020 trip will entail. For complete information, including pricing, booking, flight and accommodation information, click the button below.

Images from our 2018 Trip…

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Here’s the 2018 Family Trip promotional video, filled with images of the events and adventures from the 2016 trip.  Temple Emanu-El offers this congregational trip to Israel every two years.

The 2016 Family Trip to Israel celebrated Chanukah together during their visit. Here, in a moving ceremony, our Emanu-El group gathered in their Tel Aviv hotel to light the first candle on the first night.