Religious School with Honors

2021-22 Religious School With Honors

Religious School with Honors was created to acknowledge the important role our students play in Temple Emanu-El’s community above and beyond our regular weekly program. 

Level 1: Honors Student

Level 2: Student Leader

Level 3: Role Model

Level 1: Honors StudentLevel 2: Student LeaderLevel 3: Role Model
Emma, Grade 6
Brooke, Grade 5
Matilda, Grade 3
Jacqueline Lee, Grade 3
Melissa, Grade 3
Ari, Grade 3
Isa, Grade 3
Harry, Grade 2
Bardot, Grade 3
Daniel, Grade 5
Lindsey, Grade 6
Allegra, Grade 5

Level 1: Honors Student

Level 2: Student Leader

Level 3: Role Model

Honors points are earned by attending events or special programs outside of Religious School hours. Students in grades Pre-K-6 must earn five points to qualify for honors status; application forms may be submitted as soon as this is achieved.

To qualify for Religious School With Honors at Congregation Emanu-El, students in Pre-K through Sixth Grade must fill out the Application Form and submit it to the Religious School office for approval.

Students can achieve three levels of Religious School with Honors throughout the year. Each level has its own requirements and rewards associated with it. All Honors students will be recognized at Shabbat worship on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Level I: Honor Roll

Level I can be achieved by attending events or special programs with Temple Emanu-El outside of Religious School hours (such as holiday services). Once you have attended or participated in five events, you are eligible for Religious School with Honors and you can submit your form to the office.


Level II: Student Leader

Keep earning Religious School with Honors points to get to the next level! To earn Level II, participate in five more events, with at least one in each of the following categories: Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim (the fourth and fifth can fall into any category).  See the PDF for examples of what falls into these categories. When you have earned Level II, you will receive a $50 gift certificate towards our congregational trips to Israel.

Level III: Role Model

After attending or completing five more events, the final step in achieving Level III and becoming a Role Model is therefore to demonstrate to the Religious School community what you have learned by participating in Temple programs this year which helped you achieve this milestone.  Projects can take the form of a presentation to your class, video for our website, activity to run at a family dinner or something else you think of!  Completion of this project will make you a Role Model for other students in our school.  To discuss your plan, and arrange your Role Model Project, contact Caryn Roman. When you have earned Level III, you will receive an additional $100 gift certificate towards the Family Israel Trip! The first students on Sunday and Monday to reach Level III will also become Assistant Principal for the day.