Parents as Partners

We welcome and encourage parent involvement in our school. There are many ways for parents to volunteer throughout the year. The goal of our Parents Association is to support the many aspects of the Nursery School program.

  • Each class has two parents who act as liaisons between the Parents Association and the parents in their children’s room.
  • Throughout the year, the Parents Association sponsors coffees, lectures, and class events.  The Parents Association organizes a book fair and runs an evening gala event every third year.
  • In the spring, each incoming family that is new to the school is partnered with a family presently enrolled. At a Welcome Breakfast, parents can meet each other in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Additional opportunities for parents to become involved in our school include accompanying the older classes on trips, joining your child’s class for Shabbat, and bringing a special project to school to share with your child’s room.
  • Throughout the year, parents are invited to attend special Nursery School holiday morning services held in our main sanctuary with our clergy.
  • Parents may volunteer to read in our school library on Fridays.