Nursery School Mission

nursery school

Temple Emanu-El’s Nursery School provides a warm, comfortable environment in which children can develop emotionally, cognitively and physically. Our goal is for each child to have a positive first school experience. We support and work with our families for the benefit of the child.

The play-based curriculum of our Nursery School is designed to support the following goals:

  • Fostering a child’s social and emotional growth
  • Fostering a child’s growing sense of independence
  • Learning to follow rules and directions
  • Developing respect for peers and teachers
  • Facilitating healthy separation from parents
  • Teaching a child self-control
  • Learning to take turns and share
  • Respecting limits
  • Understanding the need for the personal space of classmates
  • Tolerating frustration in order to reach a goal
  • Developing empathy and sympathy
  • Understanding the give and take that conversation requires

We believe that these skills prepare a child for future success in school and in life. Preschool is the only time in a child’s education when he or she has the opportunity to focus on these important qualities and develop a lifelong love of learning.