Men’s Club & Club 65

As part of temple life at Emanu-El for more than 100 years, the Men’s Club encourages attendance at all temple religious events. It promotes interest in social, humanitarian, educational and civic affairs. It engages in cultural and religious discussions and activities, and it participates in such activities as will support good citizenship and interfaith dialogue. Note: Men’s Club membership is open to Temple Members only.

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Joel Boosin
212-744-1400 ext. 250

Temple Contact
Dionne Gorbea
212-744-1400 ext. 235

Upcoming Events


Each month, the Men’s Club holds brunch events featuring expert speakers. From artificial intelligence to movie screenings; brunches cover a range of topics and foster a community which never stops learning and growing.

Book Groups:

All temple members are invited to join in our monthly book discussion group. Sessions meet at 10:00 AM on the first Thursday of each month. Check our calendar for more information about chosen books, meeting dates, and guests.

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Club 65

Club 65 is a monthly social group and educational program that gives senior members (65+) of Congregation Emanu-El opportunities to interact while we educate and enlighten ourselves.

The club hosts informal lunchtime sessions where we invite members of Emanu-El’s clergy and staff as well as other guests to come and speak to us. Whatever the event, expect a lively discussion.

Club 65 meets at 11:00 AM on the second Tuesday of each month. Members bring their own lunch, and attendance is free of charge.

Ushers Committee

Ushers Committee

Temple Emanu-El’s ushers welcome congregants and guests to our historic sanctuary during Shabbat and holiday worship services. Whether providing a prayerbook or helping to find a seat, ushers convey the warmth and majesty of Emanu-El.

Sunset Service Readers Panel

The Sunset Service began in 1945 when the Men’s Club committed themselves to lead worship throughout the week. While under the auspices of the Men’s Club, participation is open to all congregational members and families who have completed a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Officers & Directors

Click below to see those who have worked hard to help the modern-day Men’s Club of Temple Emanu-El live up to its storied past. New officers are chosen each year at the Annual Meeting.

Officers Listing - 2021 (click to open)

Joel D. Boosin
Andrew H. Chait *
Arthur H. Schore*
Benjamin Weintraub
Dewey S. Wigod
Edward A. Froelich
Alan Rosenthal
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
James G. Asher
Carl M. Bornstein
Ross Brady *
Martin A. Danoff *
Mark H. Heutlinger
Craig Isman
Thomas G. Kahn
James Kantor
Bernard R. King *
Ira E. Menkes
Robert N. Waxman
Alan Weinman
Dr. David J. Wolf

* Past President

Samuel Sacks Achievement Award

Each year since 1977, the Men’s Club board of directors has established a committee to recommend deserving individuals to receive the Samuel Sacks Achievement Award.

Past Winners (click to open)

Samuel Sacks, a dedicated and devoted member of the congregation and of the Men’s Club, established a fund 40 years ago whereby the temple receives a yearly contribution. Mr. Sacks also wished to recognize members of the congregation for their service and support of the temple.

Below is a list of past winners:

1977 Maxwell M. Rabb 1998 Phyllis Hahn
Cantor Howard Nevison
1978 Cantor Arthur Wolfson 1999 The Gould Family
1979 Alvin E. Coleman
Alfred Bachrach
2000 Marcia Waxman
1980 Rabbi Ronald B. Sobel 2001 Charles S. Salomon
1981 Mervin H. Riseman 2002 David E. Marrus
1982 Henry Fruhauf 2003 Francine Urist
Stuart Goldsmith
1983 Edwin A. Malloy 2004 Carl M. Bornstein
1984 Emmy Lou Pepper
Morton Pepper
2005 Richard R. Valcourt
1985 Frank Greenwall 2006 Frances A. Hess
1986 Dr. Lester J. Waldman 2007 Jocelyn F. Chait
Andrew H. Chait
1987 Bernard Breslin 2008 Mark H. Heutlinger
1988 Jeanne S. Theodore 2009 Miriam K. Reines
1989 Joanne E. Sobel
Warren W. Zorek
2010 Philippe D. Radley
1990 Hon. Robert M. Morgenthau 2011 Martin A. and Hon. Susan S. Danoff
1991 Herbert C. Bernard 2012 Eve Haberman
1992 Eugene H. Kummel
Reva G. Kirschberg
2013 The Tikkun Olam Committee
1993 Rabbi David M. Posner 2014 Ross Brady
Hadassa Mushinsky
1994 Oscar S. Straus II 2015 Rona Weinstein
Norden Hahn
1995 Dr. Mark W. Weisstuch 2016 Ramlal (“Joe”) Bissram
1996 Maxwell J. Moss 2017 Marlene Yokel
Mark Willner
1997 Marvin L. J. Schrank  2018 Wendl Kornfeld
Michelle Paretti Goldstein