Membership Options

Temple Emanu-El welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life: singles, couples, and families in all their forms, interfaith couples, individuals with disabilities, and all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or financial means.


The minimum membership dues for the fiscal year beginning June 2022 is:

  • $1,750 for single-person households
  • $2,400 for families or households with two or more

Dues are billed in June each year and cover most aspects of membership in Temple Emanu-El.


Temple Emanu-El offers the following Open Seating services during the High Holy Days: Young Families services (geared for children Pre-K and under), the Family Worship Service (geared towards K-7), Teen Services, and Shir Chadash. These tickets are automatically sent to member households with children under the age of 18, and available to all other members upon request. Seating at these services is on a first come, first served, basis.

Our classic Emanu-El High Holy Day services, enhanced by our renowned choir and organ, all require reserved seating. Seating is available in both the Fifth Avenue Sanctuary and the Leon Lowenstein Sanctuary. The minimum membership dues amount serves as a credit toward reserved seating; depending on where you prefer to sit, your membership dues may increase. Temple members wishing to add seating to their membership should contact the Membership office at (212) 507-9514.

2022–2023 Reserved Seating Rates

Leon Lowenstein Sanctuary

Per Seat Section
$1,775 A
$1,400 B

See the Lowenstein Sanctuary Seating Map (.pdf)

Fifth Avenue Sanctuary

Per Seat Section
$3,800 E
$3,000 F
$2,300 F Side
$2,300 G
$2,000 H
$1,500 J
$1,400 K
$1,400 L
$1,300 M

See the Fifth Avenue Sanctuary Seating Map (.pdf)


We currently offer four additional membership plans:

Associate Membership

Temple Emanu-El offers Associate Memberships for individuals and couples between the ages of 22 and 30.

Children of temple members may remain on their parents’ membership until age 25, at which point they are invited to become Associate members.

We offer a dues-free first year for Associate Members under the age of 30. Associate Membership at Temple Emanu-El offers full membership benefits, plus unreserved seating at High Holy Days services (one or two seats depending on membership type).

After the first year, the dues structure is as follows for the fiscal year beginning 

June 1, 2022:




22 – 25



26 – 29



Associate members also are asked to pay a security fee of $75 for a single person household and $100 for a 2+ person household.

Assigned seating at regular membership rates is available by contacting the Membership Office at 212-507-9514.

Young Member Pricing

As Associate Membership concludes at age 30, dues gradually increase over five years to reach the full dues amount. Below, please find this year’s schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Office at 212-507-9514 or .



















35+ (Full Dues)



Young members also are asked to pay a security fee of $75 for a single person household and $100 for a 2+ person household.

Lowenstein Family Membership

With the Lowenstein Family Membership, seats in the Leon Lowenstein Sanctuary (10 East 66th Street) will be assigned to each parent and each child between the ages of five and 25. This provides parents and children the opportunity to sit together and share the worship experience at our regular High Holy Day services, in addition to the afternoon Family Worship services geared toward young children.

In 2022-2023, this membership will be available at a special dues level of $2,400 for single-adult families and $3,925 for two-adult families, regardless of the number of children.

If you would like to discuss family membership or if you have questions about attending High Holy Day services, then please contact our Membership Office, or call 212-507-9514.

Out Of Town Memberships

Temple Emanu-El is now proud to offer the warmth and majesty of our historic synagogue to individuals in our growing audience of online viewers.

For Jews, your synagogue is a sanctuary dedicated to meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the community it serves. If Temple Emanu-El can become a point of light in your life, we’d be honored if you would join us and count you among our membership, we look forward to seeing you online soon.

If you live 150 miles or more outside of New York City, we hope you’ll join us in being part of this vibrant and storied community by taking advantage of our special Out-of-Town Membership.

Our $775 annual rate provides:

  • Participation in select Out-of-Town member programming
  • Opportunity to participate in Streicker events & classes online at the member level for pricing and early registration
  • Virtual clergy blessing once a year to welcome our Out-of-Town Members
  • Ability to have family names read for yahrzeit
  • Subscriptions to all members & Streicker Center emails

Reach out to our Membership Department at  or 212-507-9514 for more information or if you wish to register.


To help maintain the highest standard of professional support and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, for your safety we charge a security fee of $225 per adult. Associate and Young Members contribute $75 per adult or $100 per couple.

Out Of Town Memberships

If you live 150 miles or more outside of New York City, we hope you’ll consider being part of our vibrant and storied Jewish community.