Join Our Congregation

thanksgiving dinner

When you join us at Temple Emanu-El, you become part of the rich history–and the future–of our congregation, which has served and led the New York Reform Jewish community for more than 175 years. You become a unique and important individual in our diverse community of more than 2,200 Jewish households, all connected by a common purpose: To support one another in heart and spirit and to advocate for the oppressed and marginalized in New York City and around the world.

Temple Emanu-El is a home for the spirit. Whether weekly or just once a year, you can gather with others in our soaring sanctuary, a space that inspires awe and humility and nourishes the soul. There, our rabbis guide the congregation with insightful sermons that are relevant and thought-provoking, and our cantor, organist and professional choir uplift us with music.

As a member, you can also choose from a range of volunteer opportunities, challenge your mind through our educational programs, and enroll your children in our joyous nursery school and one of the most innovative religious schools in New York.

An important function of any synagogue is fostering community — connecting members to one another and encouraging the formation of lasting friendships. We invite you to get involved with one of our many clubs and groups for all ages and interests.