Death and Mourning


Temple Emanu-El’s clergy and staff always are available to speak with temple members and their families to help soothe these difficult hours. Because there are many ways to honor a loved one, the rabbis and cantor can provide guidance that is suited to your family’s personal philosophy.

Except for during holidays, our telephone receptionist is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and on Sunday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Should a death occur during these hours, then please call the synagogue at 212-744-1400 and ask to be connected to the Temple Administrative Office; tell the receptionist that you are calling about a death.

At all other hours, please call 718-561-9067.


Emanu-El’s cemeteries, Salem Fields and Beth-El, feature a meticulously cultivated and maintained landscape that is rich with mature trees, flowering bushes and verdant lawns. In harmony with this natural beauty is an array of handsome mausoleums and monuments belonging to many well-known Jewish families.

In addition, a Russian Community Memorial Garden was incorporated into Beth-El Cemetery in 2005. The garden pays tribute to Jewish Russian war veterans, their families and loved ones lost during World War II. At the center of the garden is a monument representing the Star of David, topped with an obelisk and a sculpture of an eternal flame.

A Range of Options

Plots are available at Salem Fields and Beth-El for individuals or families in a variety of attractively landscaped locations. These sites can accommodate many different forms of markers or monuments. Above-ground crypts and niche mausoleum spaces also are available.

Prices reflect the size and location of the site. In all cases, price includes an endowment for maintenance of the plot. Whatever your budget, we will seek to find an appropriate option.

Selecting a Plot
Selecting a burial site is an important aspect of the estate-planning process. For an appointment to visit Salem Fields and Beth-El cemeteries or to obtain additional information, contact our funeral manager or call 888-427-7535.