Life-Cycle Events

Rituals help us to mark the important milestones in our life journeys, from birth to death. At Temple Emanu-El, we understand the role that these times of joy, sorrow and transition play in your personal and religious development and your desire to make the expression uniquely yours. We stand ready to offer you guidance, and an environment that is both warm and magnificent.

Called to the Torah

New! A date for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service may now be scheduled beginning in 3rd Grade.

Celebrate your Baby’s Birth

Welcoming a baby into this world is one of life’s greatest joys. Emanu-El is ready to help you celebrate at the start of your child’s Jewish journey.

Weddings at Emanu-El

At Temple Emanu-El, we aim to make each wedding a reflection of the majesty of our historic sanctuaries and the warmth of our congregation. We are here for you to provide guidance and support while we honor the expression of your uniqueness as a couple, whether you fit the traditional mold or are same-sex or interfaith.

Death & Mourning

The death of a loved one marks a difficult transition in your own life. We share your sorrow, and, as a clergy and a congregation, we can support and guide you as you mourn in the Jewish tradition.

Discovering Judaism & Conversion

Temple Emanu-El welcomes all who would like to learn more about Judaism, reaffirm their Judaism, or who are interested in choosing Judaism as their faith.

Bimah Flowers & Oneg Shabbat

The gift of flowers to decorate the bimah is a meaningful way to remember a loved one, honor a bar or bat mitzvah, or commemorate a wedding, birthday or other notable event. Instead of flowers, you may prefer to help sponsor the weekly Oneg Shabbat held after Sabbath worship services on Friday evenings.

Hosting a Reception at Emanu-El

Temple Emanu-El is pleased to be able to offer our magnificent spaces to temple members, not only for religious services and life-cycle events but also for the celebrations associated with them.