Monday, September 25  | 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Open to all congregants and their guests.

Jewish Wisdom on Justice and Mercy: Finding a Balance in our Country and our Lives 
Beth-El Chapel

Rabbi Larry Hoffman | Author, Scholar and Professor of Liturgy, Hebrew Union College
Dr. Joel Hoffman | Author, Scholar and Translator

Is God a God of justice or a God of mercy? And who should we strive to become? Join us for an hour of conversation on these crucial age old questions, and on how our tradition provides Yom Kippur guidance for the coming year.

Be Fruitful! The Etrog in Jewish Art, Culture and History
Greenwald Hall

Warren Klein | Curator, Bernard Museum of Judaica

The Bible does not use the word etrog, rather, it commands its readers to “take for yourselves on the first day the product of a beautiful tree-fruit.” Native to the Far East and adapted to the culture of the eastern Mediterranean, the rituals of the etrog are among the very few that are dependent upon a particular environment to grow and cultivate. Yet, for generations of Jews, this uncommon fruit has played a pivotal role – as both ritual object and potent symbol. Central to traditional Sukkot observances, the etrog has been an emblem of Jewish connection across time and space – though at times also a source of conflict and competition.

The History of Fasting in Religious Traditions
Ivan M. Stettenheim Library

Dr. Alyssa Cady | Director of Interfaith Engagement and Social Responsibility, Temple Emanu-El

In this one-hour lecture, Dr. Alyssa Cady will trace the history of fasting from antiquity to the modern era. Beginning with the observance of Yom Kippur in ancient times, Dr. Cady will explain how the practice of fasting connects nearly all religious traditions across the world as adherents seek ethical, spiritual, and physical well being.

Dispatch from Ukraine / Temple Emanu-El’s Philanthropic Fund
Isaac Mayer Wise Hall

Alan Silberstein | Chair, NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief
Murphy Poindexter | Co-founder, BlueCheck
Moderated by Daniel Bloch Jeydel | Chair, Temple Emanu-El Philanthropic Fund

In this session, Temple Emanu-El members will be able to understand the impact that the Philanthropic Fund’s multi-year commitment to Ukraine has had on the ground. We will be joined by senior leaders from Temple Emanu-El’s partners including Natan Worldwide Disaster Relief and BlueCheck.

BlueCheck Ukraine identifies, vets, and fast-tracks urgent financial support to Ukrainian NGOs and aid initiatives providing life-saving and other critical humanitarian work on the front lines of Russia’s war on Ukraine. BlueCheck was started by Liev Schreiber and Murphy Poindexter.

NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief is as an all-volunteer Israeli aid organization with 18 years of experience in global operations. NATAN’s missions include disaster relief and recovery, emergency dental care for underprivileged populations, and medical and psychosocial aid for refugees fleeing areas of strife around the globe.