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Streicker Center: Plan A (US Movie Premiere)

What if your family was murdered: your brothers, sisters, parents and children.

Everyone. Murdered.

For no sane reason at all.

Ask yourself . . .  What would you do?

In 1945, hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors answered that question by getting as far from Europe as possible, to build a new homeland — and a Jewish future — in Palestine.

But a small group refused to leave without extracting a full measure of vengeance — not only against SS guards and Nazi leaders but on the German people themselves by poisoning the water supply.

Plan A chronicles the efforts of those men and women, whose fixation on revenge was stoked by haunting nightmares about the Christian neighbors who gave them up as Jews to the SS; about their years of starvation, cruelty and utter dehumanization; about their enduring images of the ashes of their families wafting down around them.

Based on the book Nakam by Dr. Dina Porat, chief historian at Yad Vashem, Plan A asks the impossible question of how survivors plagued by such memories struggled with conflicting feelings about lust for justice and the desire for payback.


Doron and Yoav PazWriters/Directors
Michael AloniActor
Dr. Dina PoratChief Historian of Yad Vashem

Moderated by Richard Salomon, Vice President of the Illinois Holocaust Museum‘s Board of Directors.

Watch the trailer here!

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This program is sponsored by Elaine Jerrold