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Streicker Center: Jewish Challenges, Jewish Traditions

Jews everywhere seem divided and in trouble. In America, synagogue membership is plummeting, almost a third of Jews under 30 say they don’t care if their grandchildren are Jewish, and a growing number of college students report so little interest in their Jewish identities that many simply hide them. In Israel, judicial reforms and protests threaten to tear the fabric of society to shreds – while around the world antisemitism rages.

So does global Jewry have a future?

David Hazony took up the challenge of figuring out how to ensure that it does by posing a query to more than 60 thinkers and activists from around the Jewish world: If you could advocate for one priority to safeguard our collective future, what would it be?

He wasn’t looking for consensus – which would have been impossible, since he turned to individuals on the left and the right, to secular Jews, Haredim, young influencers and veteran scholars – hoping instead to spark an intellectual food fight, a Jewish free-for-all that would provoke new conversations about God, Torah, communal institutions, Hebrew, education, new media, politics, and the Jewish future.

Upon the release of Hazony’s collection of their responses, Jewish Priorities: Sixty-Five Proposals for the Future of Our People, he joins us for a conversation with Rabbi David Wolpe about the importance of the project and the responses, followed by a panel discussion among contributors who will talk about what they believe our community needs most, from new ways to tackle antisemitism from all sides, to the promotion of Jewish pride and the sharpening of our focus on Israel, tradition, spirituality, consensus-building and ancient wisdom.

In-Person & Virtual Event

Co-hosted by Unorthodox Podcast