Togetherness, tolerance, heart — these are core to the Jewish tradition of community. At Temple Emanu-El our community is close, with arms wide open.

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Volunteering & Tikkun Olam

At Emanu-El we unite as a congregation to make a difference in the world, and you’ll find a myriad of opportunities to volunteer. Find out more about our many programs today.

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Emanu-El Cares

More than just services and events, joining Temple Emanu-El means you have a community that cares, ready to celebrate the joys in your life or support you through its challenges.

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Parents & Young Families

Parenthood can be a challenging journey — Temple Emanu-El offers community and support with guided and open sessions for parents and children.

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Community Groups

New to Temple Emanu-El? Interested meeting people in our congregation? Join one of  Temple Emanu-El’s vibrant community groups – events and connection for members of all ages.

Community members, what can we help you with today?

Have questions about community programming? Contact Membership or call 212-744-1400.