Community Groups

Hillel teaches us that even though a person may have great wealth or position, he or she must not distance himself or herself from the experience of others. At Emanu-El, empathy and engagement are important, and we pride ourself on our long-standing tradition of community that welcomes members with open arms.

Women of Emanu-El

Founded in 1922, Women of Emanu-El is both a social and civic organization open to all women of the congregation. The Women of Emanu-El Program Committee plans numerous lectures and outings throughout the year, in addition to sponsoring a variety of activities that benefit the greater New York City community.

Men’s Club & Club One East

As part of temple life at Emanu-El for more than 90 years, the Men’s Club encourages attendance at all temple religious events. It promotes interest in social, humanitarian, educational and civic affairs. It engages in cultural and religious discussions and activities, and it participates in such activities as will support good citizenship and interfaith dialogue.

Young Members

Taking a modern, creative approach to Jewish life and community, the Young Members Circle offers year-round opportunities for social and professional networking, volunteerism, spiritual reflection, and discussion of some of today’s most pressing issues for both Jews and young professionals. All events are coordinated by and targeted to individuals in their 20’s and 30’s who have made the commitment of temple membership.

Community as Family

Temple Members of all ages without close family, or who may be anticipating “aging solo,” are invited to Community as Family, a cordial group which empowers our later years by developing diverse meaningful relationships, knowing how to access important resources, and thinking strategically about the future. Participation is open to temple members only.