This year, our family Purim celebration Emanu-El Studios Presents: Purim took us on an unforgettable journey through some of Hollywood’s most magical family movies. With more than 140 families joining the festivity, Wise Hall was abuzz with laughter, joy and an array of colorful costumes that brought our cinematic universe to life.

The adventure began with an Oscar-worthy red carpet Purim Skit starring Temple Emanu-El’s clergy.

Next, we entered the enchanting realms of Neverland where our guests soared high, embracing the thrill of a virtual flight. The adventure continued in the magical world of Harry Potter. Families got hands-on, mixing potions and crafting wizard wands that would make even Dumbledore proud.

Guests had the chance to strike a pose at our Barbie photo booth and get a selfie in Barbie’s Dream Corvette to forever capture  the memories of this magical day.

As the curtains close on our family Purim celebration, we look forward to more Purim events, including our Megillah Reading and Celebration on March 23, Emanu-El Downtown Purim Big Top Purim on March 24 and the Young Members Circle Speakeasy Purim on March 25.

Temple Emanu-El extends a heartfelt thank you to every family that joined us on this cinematic adventure. Your enthusiasm and creativity brought our vision to life, making this Purim a box-office hit that will be remembered for years to come.