Discover the Joys of Grandparenting with Temple Emanu-El

Rita Haves and family

Finding the right balance as a new grandparent can be tricky; you want to be supportive and helpful, but not intrusive and overbearing. It marks not only the beginning of the relationship with your grandchild, but also a new relationship with your adult child and their partner. 

Temple Emanu-El’s Grandparents Group was developed by Rabbi Amy Ehrlich and Jacqueline Fisher to support new grandparents navigating this delicate transition and to help them strengthen their family bonds. When temple member Rita Haves joined the group, she was looking forward to lessons and practical advice, and she was pleased to find a supportive and vibrant community as well.

“It is a welcoming environment, in which Rabbi Ehrlich and Jacqueline Fisher create a community of trust and a safe space to share. It’s been a fantastic experience learning from the other grandparents and connecting with them as well. I encourage all grandparents to join.” – Rita Haves

Guided by Rabbi Ehrlich and Jacqueline Fisher, the Grandparents Group engages in meaningful conversations and activities focused on transmitting wisdom and love from one generation to the next—l’dor v’dor. This exploration is intended to strengthen the fabric of family bonds, celebrate the unique role grandparents play in their families’ lives and bolster the connections between grandparents, their adult children and grandchildren. It’s more than a group; it’s a sanctuary for those looking to enhance their role as grandparents.