On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

June 24, 2022

Dear Congregants,

On the one hand, today’s Supreme Court ruling striking down fifty years of legal precedent comes as no surprise given the preliminary opinion leaked last month.  On the other hand, it comes as a stunning shock to the system of civil protections on which two generations of American women have depended for their health and safety and most private and personal decisions.  Severely restricting abortion rights in many states will have a disproportionate impact on minorities and the poor, and will place the well-being of every American woman in jeopardy.

Some religionists may consider the ruling a victory for the tenets of their faith.  But Jewish law does not support it.  And as members of the Reform Movement grounded in the pursuit of justice and compassion, we must now raise our collective voice in defense of the rights and freedoms on which we have come to depend, lest they be rolled back returning us and our wives, mothers and sisters, daughters, granddaughters and friends to a dark and dangerous time in our past.

Below, for your information, are links to some statements of our Reform Movement’s leadership.  And we will advise you of opportunities for involvement as they present themselves.

Central Conference of American Rabbis Statement

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Statement

The Path Forward on Abortion Resource Guide (RAC)

Women’s Rabbinic Network Statement

Women of Reform Judaism: A Catalyst of Innovation and Progress

The Facts about Abortion by Rabbi Marla J. Feldman (WRJ)

Today at 4:00 PM, the NCJW will hold a Jewish Vigil for Abortion Justice. Click here to register and receive the Zoom link.

Women of Reform Judaism will be hosting a Havdalah ceremony on Saturday, July 9 for the Reform community. Register here.

May the coming Sabbath be one of commitment and of peace.

Rabbi Joshua Davidson
Rabbi Amy Ehrlich
Rabbi Andrue Kahn
Rabbi Sara Sapadin
Cantor Mo Glazman
Cantor Sara Anderson