Tikkun Olam Welcomes Hakav HaMeached

On June 14, Emanu-El’s Tikkun Olam Committee hosted Hakav MaMeached, who traveled from Israel to New York City, once again. 35 children and volunteers, along with a medical doctor, visited the Central Park Zoo. Many of the children had never been to a zoo and, when they entered the penguin house and toured the other exhibits, their excitement was evident in their ear-to-ear smiles!

HaKav HaMeached helps underserved children in Israel who have rare syndromes, who are cancer patients, orphans, victims of terrorism, and who are from families in distress. The organization offers a wide range of services and day-to-day support, as well as wish fulfillment. This was the trip of a lifetime for many of the young children! Emanu-El was fortunate to help them enhance their annual visit to New York by treating them to the zoo (which is wheelchair accessible) and a beautiful dinner, and sending them home with some hand-picked souvenirs, along with many happy memories.

Temple Emanu-El looks forward to seeing our Hakav HaMeached family again in 2023! As ever, you are welcome to join Tikkun Olam to participate in our many mitzvahs throughout the year.