Member Spotlight: Frank Bamberger

By Erica Slutsky | Communications Manager

Longtime Temple Emanu-El members might know Frank Bamberger from his distinctive backpack and welcoming demeanor in person. Or they may have already met him by phone or on Zoom, given his participation in so many programs. Having joined a few years ago, Frank loves kvelling about his involvement in community service. He’s always happy to let others know why serving the greater good is such a vital part of membership for him, and why it should be that way for prospective members, too.

“I joined Temple Emanu-El in May, 2017, because I wanted to participate in volunteer activities,” he says, adding that being part of a larger congregation has been very important to him “going back to my being in a Reform temple in Germany, prior to emigrating to the U.S. in 1940.”

“I love the warmth and spirituality of Emanu-El and share its values of decency, care, and involvement in our world,” he said. The volunteer apple-picking and beekeeping trip to the countryside for Sukkot last September stands out as a lasting memory for Frank. “I loved being a bee gatherer to help make honey.” The Chanukah party in Central Park is another – and you may have spotted a photo of him having a great time in our last issue!

At Emanu-El, Frank works with Tikkun Olam, participates in a great Gather discussion group, makes welcoming calls to new members, and takes part in Calling Generations with Lifelong Learning. Outside of Emanu-El, Frank has worked with our partner organization DOROT for over 18 years, making visits, long-term phone calls, and birthday calls. “I loved being a waiter at the annual Thanksgiving dinner.”

While helping those in need is a priority for Frank, he finds other ways to stay engaged. He’s active in the senior current events group at the local JCC. An avid fan of nature and exploring New York City, he is involved with Miramar Ski Club and outdoor walking groups. Still, he always looks forward to greeting new members at Emanu-El and making valued connections. “I certainly would recommend Emanu-El due to its sense of community and excellent programs. Everything Emanu-El does is 100 percent!”

This article was originally published in Volume 93, Issue 2 of the Temple Bulletin, Spring 2022.

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