A Note from Rabbi Davidson

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we witnessed yet another mass shooting. Such tragedies have become so commonplace in this country they often no longer make headlines. But Saturday’s did.

Yesterday afternoon, a teenager armed with an assault weapon and motivated by an ideology of hatred of non-White Americans entered a crowded grocery store with the expressed purpose of killing Blacks, as eleven of the thirteen shot were. And as we now know, ten died.

This was an attack on the Black community. We feel it as if it were an attack on our own. It might just as easily have been.

Our broken hearts reach out to the families of the victims and their neighbors. But let our involvement not end there. Let us also remain committed to a public discourse that gives no sanction to nativist bigotry, and a public policy that ends the scourge of gun violence.

The prophetic vision that all should be able “to sit beneath vine and fig and not be afraid” – that all of us no matter our race or creed or gender identity should be able to go about our daily lives without fear – can be realized if we have the will to work for it and insist our elected leaders do so too.

In sorrow and solidarity,

Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson