Standing in Solidarity with Asian-Americans, Mourning the Victims in Atlanta

A Message from Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson

March 17, 2021

— — —

Dear Friends,

We awoke this morning to the horrific news of the shooting deaths of eight people in Atlanta. As Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said: “Whatever the motivation was…we know that the majority of the victims were Asian. We also know that this is an issue that is happening across the country. It is unacceptable, it is hateful and it has to stop.” Six of the eight murdered were women of Asian descent. And their deaths come amidst a dramatic increase in incidents of hate directed at Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders around the country. We have seen the images on the evening news of our fellow citizens beaten and bruised and shoved to the ground.

Our hearts reach out to all who are living in fear of assault today. But we must do more. As we walk the streets of our city, let us keep our eyes open to what is going on around us, and be prepared to assist if possible, and certainly to report. The Jewish people knows too well the experience of being targeted for violent attack, even recently here in New York.

With Passover we reaffirm our commitment to fighting the pharaohs of our own day, including all forms of bigotry and prejudice. There is no room for it in the world Passover calls us to create. May that world come soon.

Rabbi Davidson