Young Families: All About Passover

What happens at home is the best way for children to learn. Involve them in the experience. Have them help prepare for Passover according to their abilities. They can clean up their toys. Help set the table. Color a placemat. Roll some matzah balls. Taste the Charoset. Learn some songs – and they can ask THE most important question: WHY?

  • During the Seder, when it is time for the Cup of Elijah and Miriam’s Cup, speak with your children about their heroes. Who do they admire? Help them articulate why.
  • Make your own Haggadah with these printable coloring pages! You can also make a placemat using any of these coloring pages: date it, add your child’s name and laminate it with clear contact paper.
  • Teach your child the Four Questions – and learn them yourself! Even the youngest child can ask that most important question: WHY?
  • Looking for new ways to discuss the themes of Passover with your little one? Try the Passover Challenge from ShirLaLa (one of our favorite sites!)
Share your creations with us!

We’re here and we want your feedback! Send us an email to  and let us know how you and your little ones are celebrating Passover this year. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Don’t forget about the AFIKOMEN, which is a word that refers to the end of the meal. In order to conclude the Seder, the leader needs the middle matzah, which was hidden earlier – and found by a happy child. It is traditional for the child to receive something small and symbolic in return. A book makes the perfect Afikomen gift! Consider one of these.
  • Hide the Afikomen in a Homemade Matzah Cover, using colored paper, a hole punch and yarn!
  • Celebrate with Music!
    • Click Here to learn one of our favorite silly Passover songs, “Frogs Here, Frogs There“.
    • Click Here to celebrate with Hadar and her guitar! (Psst: You’ll also find our full archive of Baby Bop videos through that link!)
  • Looking for more children’s books about Passover? Click here to browse our digital library through Axis 360.
  • Try a delicious new Passover recipe from The Nosher!
  • Click here for even more fun Seder activities from our friends at PJ Library!