Reflections from Rabbi Davidson

May 31, 2020

Like all of you I was struck by the images flooding the television screen this weekend, some poignant in their contrast. How the pictures of a serene Earth taken from the Crew Dragon capsule belied the agony convulsing America’s streets!

Jewish tradition speaks of tikkun olam bemalchut Shaddai, “unifying our world with the world on high” — not just preaching Torah’s vision of a human society rooted in fairness and compassion guaranteeing equality for all, but doing the painful work of building it.

Down here on the ground, injustice too often suffocates the divine spark implanted in every human being. Only when we hear in the cry “I can’t breathe” the anguish of twenty generations of African Americans; only when we uproot the racism embedded in our nation’s institutions including in many communities law enforcement, will we begin at last to draw earthly reality closer to heavenly vision.

— Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson