A Poem by Member Elizabeth Walsh

It’s the middle of March and the Corona Virus has reached our town
Too many are affected, but as New Yorkers’ we cannot let this get us down

Toxicity has tainted the globe infusing this state of pollution into a pandemic
Together we need to disinfect the damage as we await a cure for this epidemic

Perhaps this is a wake-up call, this very contagious Corona virus
Referred to as Covid-19 it is unprecedented, a systemic crisis

A disease where prejudices have no boundaries, all of us are at risk
It’s a time to come together in harmony and brainstorm a fix

Healing begins with thinking of all the things we can possibly do
Putting our minds and hearts to work, we can help ourselves and others too

Each of us can start by reflecting on the good and what can be done better
Starting with embracing the practice of emphatic literacy to the letter

Exponentially this can feed warmth and strength into every heart, soul and mind
Restoring kindness of humanity worldwide, it’s the responsibility essential to find

In spite of our differences we all need that reassurance
That we can survive this plague with strength and endurance

Harboring the beauty of resiliency we are one exceptional crowd
So let’s get through this chapter of uncharted territory standing up proud