Spiritual Direction


Dr. Lee Robbins, a psychotherapist, NYU professor, and HUC-JIR-trained and credentialed , is offering Emanu-El members the chance to engage in spiritual direction.  This is a rare chance to gain deeper insight into the hidden mystery of life and cultivate an appreciation for the present.

Working one-on-one, monthly, in a confidential  relationship based on mutual empathy and compassion, spiritual direction can benefit everyone.  Whether you are experiencing a transition or simply curious as to how to live more profoundly in the present, the process of engaging in spiritual direction can help you to achieve balance.

There are no prerequisites for participating in spiritual direction.  You need not be a religious or spiritual person, but simply bring a curiosity to delve more intentionally into life.

There are a limited number of opportunities available to participate in this extraordinary process.  For those interested, please contact  or phone (212) 507-9568 and your inquiry will be followed up.