Rabbi Davidson’s Remarks on the Recent Attacks in NYC and in Monsey

Rabbi Davidson’s Shabbat Chanukah Introductory Remarks following Anti-Semitic Assaults in New York

December 27, 2019

From Rabbi Davidson after the Attack in Monsey

December 29, 2019

Dear Friends,

We awoke this morning to the news of yet another anti-Semitic attack, the gruesome series of stabbings in the Jewish community of Monsey.

I was grateful to receive this morning a call from a number of Christian colleagues, among them our friend The Reverend Dr. Calvin Butts from Abyssinian Baptist Church offering his concern and support as together we counter this scourge of hate. As I have said, I firmly believe interfaith partnership and education to be our two most important tools in the battle. Much work lies before us in the new year about to begin.

As always, we are grateful to the NYPD, with which we remain in regular communication for its constant watch over us.

As we light the last Chanukah candle this evening, may it kindle within us hope and courage, commitment and strength.

Yours in faith,

Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson