Standing Against Hate

Above: Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson and Rabbi Andrue J. Kahn stand outside the Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan earlier today holding signs reading “Your Jewish neighbors stand with you.”

Dear Friends,

I am privileged to co-chair A Partnership of Faith in New York, which convenes the leadership of many of our city’s religious congregations. Below I share with you an excerpt of the Partnership’s statement in response to today’s tragedy in New Zealand. May we stand with people of all faiths in fighting such hate, with which we as Jews are painfully familiar.

In sadness and in solidarity,

Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson

Excerpts of A Partnership of Faith in New York’s Statement in Response to Shootings in New Zealand Mosques:

With one united voice, we, the members of A Partnership of Faith in New York, deplore the murders of 49 people and injuries to 48 more at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand near the time of Friday Prayers earlier today….

We also deplore the escalation of hateful rhetoric…which inflames potential perpetrators of these acts and is often used as pretext for atrocities such as these….

As colleagues and leaders of faith communities in this city, we have learned from each of our traditions the importance of solidarity. Each of our traditions espouses some version of love for neighbor….We have come to the conclusion that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We are committed to standing together and convinced that solidarity with others is an important public expression commanded to us in each of our faith traditions.

As we are able, we will offer prayers for the victims of this attack during each of our faith communities’ services this weekend.

We remain publicly committed to one another and we reject all who would divide us. We commit ourselves to work together for justice, peace and unity for all and we ask all our fellow citizens to join us in that commitment.