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Yom Kippur Study Sessions 5779

After the Yom Kippur morning service, learn, study and reflect in one of the study sessions led by scholars of the Temple. Participation is open to all congregants and their guests. Sessions are held from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

Esther, Ruth, Deborah

Lecturer: Rabbi Phil Hiat
Location: 10 East 66th Street, Room 624

These three women saved the peoplehood of Israel and are heralded in scripture! Come and explore their remarkable gifts and how they helped to shape our history - and can still influence your future!
What's in a Name?

Lecturer: Warren Klein, Curator, Bernard Museum of Judaica
Location: 10 East 66th Street, Room 633

Ever wonder how certain spaces at Emanu-El got their names? Who was Frank Greenwald or Leon Lowenstein? Come take a dive through the Temple Archives as we explore some of the faces behind the names. Who were these individuals and what was their connection to Temple Emanu-El?
A Day of Judgement: God's Justice

Lecturer: Rabbi Bruce Block
Location: 10 East 66th Street, Room 628

From Abraham and Job in the Bible, through Levi Yitzhak and Elie Wiesel, there have been voices demanding justice of God. Can we humans really put God on trial? What can be offered in God’s defense? The Book of Job is one resource in probing these questions. Yom Kippur is the Day of Judgment. What will be the verdict?

Lecturer: Rabbi Sara Sapadin
Location: 10 East 66th Street, Room 626

Dive with me, once again, into one of the most captivating, enigmatic and profound stories of our tradition. Together we will mine the depths of this text, focusing on Chapter Two, as we follow our powerful yet petulant hero on the journey of a lifetime. More than just a parable of repentance, Jonah is a story about humanity and our shared strivings, struggles, and frailties. Which parts of his journey speak to our experience on Yom Kippur and which parts speak to the collective human condition? Come and discover! No prior knowledge necessary.

Lecturer: Rabbi Richard Davis
Location: 10 East 66th Street, Room 623

Emmanuel Levinas wrote a collection of essays, Difficile Liberté (Difficult Freedom), that is considered an excellent introduction to Jewish thought, philosophy, Biblical and Talmudic commentary, as well as educational theory. One essay, “A Religion for Adults,” clarifies that religion is, indeed, ethics. His work reminds us of the classical Reform model of Jewish life out of which our Congregation Emanu-El has itself blossomed – and from which Yom Kippur itself is themed.

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