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Security Update from President Harris Diamond and Rabbi Davidson


Dear Congregants,

Grief-stricken by the tragic massacre at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to their synagogue family. One of the most horrific acts of anti-Semitic violence in our nation’s history, it proves once again that bigots are equal opportunity haters: the gunman’s loathsome rhetoric targeted refugees too.

Given the safety concerns many are feeling, we want to reassure you that our temple's leadership and administration is continually coordinating and consulting with the NYPD and our security advisors. Upon their recommendations, we have decided to take the following actions.
  • For all members and visitors to temple services and events, entry will only be permitted at 1 East 65th Street
  • All Religious School and Nursery School students will enter on 65th Street until further notice.
  • Additional security personnel will be deployed.
  • All members, visitors, and staff will continue to be required to pass through our security scanners upon entering the temple.
While we have no reason to believe there are any existing threats to our temple and congregation, we remain ever vigilant, ever committed to taking all the steps we can to keep our members informed and our temple secure.

And we will keep in our prayers all those affected directly by yesterday’s tragedy, and work to bring healing and justice to our country and our world.

Harris Diamond, President
Joshua M. Davidson, Senior Rabbi