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Student Visions

Mia, Grade 6
Religious School students were an active part of the congregational Day of Visioning with Dr. Lawrence Hoffman in December 2014. They identified the things that they love about Judaism and Temple Emanu-El,
as well as their aspirations both for themselves and
for the synagogue.

Here are some of their thoughtful and
passionate responses. Click on the thumbnails
to see larger images.

What I Love About Being Jewish...
Elle, Kindergarten
Hope, Kindergarten
Jack, Grade 4
Jacob, Grade 3
Julia, Grade 5 Justine, Grade 2 Margot, Grade 1 Vanessa, Grade 5

My Hopes and Dreams for When I’m an Adult...
David, Grade 4
Jacob, Grade 3
Jonathan, Grade 4
Moses, Grade 4
Olivia, Grade 5
Sam, Pre-K Sara, Grade 2 Sloane, Grade 5  

What I Love to Do at Temple Emanu-El...
Claire, Grade 4 Jillian, Grade 3 Lilli, Grade 5    

What I Would Love to Do at Temple Emanu-El...
Ashley, Grade 5 Blythe, Grade 5 Brooke, Grade 2 Brooke, Grade 6 Charlotte, Grade 3
Claire, Grade 3 Claire, Grade 4 Darwin, Grade 1 David, Grade 4 Hanna, Grade 5
Harrison, Grade 2 Harrison, Grade 6 Lara, Grade 5 Lila, Grade 4 Lucy, Grade 4
Matthew, Grade 4 Megan, Grade 3 Naomi, Grade 3 Samantha, Grade 2 Sasha, Grade 2

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