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Master: Johann Adam Boller
Frankfurt, after 1706
Silver, traces of gilt, embossed; cutout, chased, castings

This five-tiered lamp was made in the famous Frankfurt workshop of Johann Adam Boller, who became a master silversmith in 1706. The cutout and chased hunting scene on the lowest tier with hunter, dogs and two deer is perhaps based on the hunting scene that appears as a mnemonic in Passover Haggadahs. The figures on the second tier represent holidays and the Sabbath: One figure holds a Chanukah menorah and pitcher; one holds a shofar and book for Rosh Hashanah; one holds a scroll and rattle for Purim; one has matzah for Passover; and two Sabbath figures are seen with a spice box and book. The third tier features four watchmen with lances, and the fourth tier carries trumpeters. At the topmost tier are three-dimensional and slightly larger figures of David (with harp) and Moses (with Torah scroll), alternated with captains of the guard. The cast-figure finial that crowns the lamp is of a knickered man with a flattened Jewish hat holding a large round basket. It is perhaps an allusion to the patron’s name.

Bequest of Judge Irving Lehman, 1945

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