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High Holy Days Seating

High Holy Days seating reservations at Temple Emanu-El are a benefit of membership. Members are welcomed warmly any time of the year.

Special notices about reserving seats for the High Holy Days are sent with members’ annual dues statements, which are mailed in June each year (the start of our fiscal year). Renewal of seating is not automatic; renewal forms for 2015-2016 should be submitted to the Temple Office by August 12, 2015. Members of the Temple with existing seating assignments will have the opportunity at that time to reserve the same seats or to add, release or request to change their seats.

Please note: All members in good standing will receive their
High Holy Days tickets in the mail the week of August 31, 2015.

Persons wishing to become members of Temple Emanu-El and obtain seats for the High Holy Days first must complete a Temple Membership Application and Seating Preference Form. Current Temple members must RENEW their Temple affiliation. Each member with a seating reservation will receive a set of tickets for all services. Members who are not planning to use their assigned seats during the High Holy Days are asked to release their seats so that we can offer seats to other members who wish to have reserved seats.

As a member, your annual membership contribution is determined in part by the number of seats you require for the High Holy Days and their specific location, subject to availability. Pew Plans for both the Fifth Avenue Sanctuary and the Leon Lowenstein Sanctuary are available to help you complete the Seating Preference Form. Please note, we cannot guarantee that a requested seating assignment will be available on receipt of your application. However, if we are unable to provide seating in the section requested, your name will be placed on a waiting list, and temporary seating will be provided for you until your preferred seating becomes available. Please be assured that we always will have room for you and your family members in one of the congregation’s two sanctuaries.

Additional seating reservations may be purchased and added to your membership account anytime after the first seating renewal notice is received. A High Holy Days guest ticket fee of $125 per person for one service and $250 per person for multiple services will be instituted. We will do our best to provide seats as close to your existing reservations as possible.

In addition to our main High Holy Days services in the Fifth Avenue and Leon Lowenstein sanctuaries, Temple Emanu-El offers a variety of other services and programs appropriate for adults and children.

College students, both Temple members and nonmembers, who do not already have seats are invited to join us for High Holy Days services in the Lowenstein Sanctuary (10 East 66th Street). Students must present a current college ID on the day of the service to enter.

We also host community worship services, open to the public in I.M. Wise Hall (One East 65th Street), that feature audio from the Fifth Avenue Sanctuary services. No tickets needed.

All questions regarding seating and tickets should be directed to the Temple Office.

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