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How to Become a Member of Temple Emanu-El

Membership dues at Temple Emanu-El are are necessary in order to adequately sustain the diverse services and programs offered to our members.

The minimum membership contribution for the fiscal year beginning June 2014 is $1,430. We currently offer two exceptions to this: a reduced rate for Associate Members (individuals between age 21 and 29) and a Full Family Membership.

Dues are billed in June each year and cover most aspects of membership in Temple Emanu-El, including services by the clergy, use of the facilities, access to member-only events and services, and special consideration at events open to the public. Dues also are a credit toward seating during the High Holy Days.

Download an application for Temple membership »


In order to accommodate our large congregation, seating at services for the High Holy Days is handled by specific seat assignments in two sanctuaries: the Main Sanctuary on Fifth Avenue and the Leon Lowenstein Sanctuary on 66th Street. Contributions are dependent on where the seats are located. Should you wish to have seating for the High Holy Days, your dues will be based on the contribution per seat. Should you require only one seat valued at less than the minimum of $1,430, then the minimum contribution will apply.

Refer to the following tables and examples for the contribution per seat:




Per Seat Section
$1,555 A
$1,320 B
$1,180 C
$  890 D


Per Seat Section Per Seat Section
$3,060 E $1,040 J
$2,350 F $  905 K
$1,750 G $  875 L
$1,475 H $  775 M















The number of seats that can be assigned for the basic minimum dues is limited. If you already have paid the basic amount and subsequently want seats, your prior contribution will be considered a credit toward the total cost of all the seats you reserve.

You want 1 seat in Section J—Seats are $1,040 each.
Your dues will be $1,430 (minimum contribution applies).

You want 2 seats in Section J—Seats are $1,040 each.
Your dues will be $2,080. You do not have to pay an additional $1,430.

You want 5 seats in Section J—Seats are $1,040 each, and you already have
paid $1,430. Your dues will be $5,200. You will be billed for the balance, $3,770.

Download a Seating Preference Form to request your seats for the High Holy Days.

AUXILIARIES: Small additional fees are required for membership in our Temple auxiliaries, the Men’s Club and the Women’s Auxiliary.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL: Enrollment in Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School is open to children of Temple members only. In addition to the fees for Temple membership, families will be charged tuition for each child enrolled. The tuition rate for the current fiscal year is $1,125 per child ($50 discount per student if registration forms and payments are received by July 31, 2014), which includes books and supplies. For additional information concerning registration, please see Religious School or call the Religious School Office at (212) 744-1400, ext. 226.

Download a Temple Membership Application. Completed applications must be signed and returned with your membership dues to the Temple Office. Questions about membership dues and seating should be directed to our Membership Director.

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