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Havdalah Blessings

havdalah is a special ceremony that distinguishes between the end of Shabbat and the start of the new week. The service begins with biblical verses that praise God as our savior. Then blessings are recited over the wine, the spices and the candle. The service concludes with the Havdalah blessing.

Wine is the symbol of our joy. The commandment to bless the wine is a commandment to drink life as deeply as we drink from this cup. It is a commandment to bless life and to love deeply. It is a commandment to remember with Sabbath heart, to act with Sabbath hands and to see the world with Sabbath eyes. MORE»

These are the spices of memory. Their sweetness reminds us of all the Sabbaths that we have known. May their fragrance ever evoke within us memories of this sweet, sweet Sabbath in our lives. MORE»

The wicks of the Havdalah candle are intertwined, as our lives are intertwined. Joined together, our individual flames burn even more brightly. May we, united in our love for one another and for our people Israel, bring light and warmth to all the world. MORE»

As we extinguish now this Havdalah candle, we pray for wisdom to discern that which is sacred and holy in our lives from that which is profane. May our daily priorities reflect our highest ideals and the values of our Jewish tradition. MORE»


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