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Mitzvah Corps: Learning & Living Judaism

Reading to underprivileged kids, learning from our elders,
visiting a homeless shelter, feeding the hungry, helping the environment...
These are the responsibilities of Mitzvah Corps.

In Mitzvah Corps, students will become empowered to respond to important societal issues such as education, senior-citizen care, diversity, hunger, homelessness and climate change. This year-long program is divided into seven units, each focused on a different issue. Each unit includes a learning, action and reflection session.


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Learning Sessions — Students will learn from our tradition how best to respond to an issue. They will build skills that help them volunteer meaningfully and effectively during the corresponding action sessions. Students must attend learning sessions to participate in action sessions.

Action Sessions — Students will participate in hands-on community service events with their classmates at organizations that are fighting for the cause of each unit.

Reflection Sessions — Students will react to their experiences at the action sessions and discuss with their classmates ways to better respond to the selected issues.

Schedule — Learning and reflection sessions are held during Religious School hours, Sunday or Wednesday. (Students may choose to attend either day.) Action sessions may meet outside of school hours.

Throughout the year, students earn Mitzvah Messenger points for the completion of units (attending the learning, action and reflection session for a unit), attendance at special sessions, family participation or other projects. All students who complete at least one Mitzvah Corps unit will be honored at a family dessert reception in the spring. Students will be applauded for their commitment toward making the world a better place, and families will be joined for a special evening that strengthens our sense of community. Students who earn 18 points will be honored by the community publicly as “Mitzvah Messengers,” and students who earn 25 points will be honored as “Super Mitzvah Messengers.” These students will receive special recognition at the Mitzvah Corps dessert reception and on the final day of Religious School.

Complete the Religious School registration form (available in Word and PDF formats) and return it to the Department of Lifelong Learning. Participation in Mitzvah Corps is available only to students whose families are members of Congregation Emanu-El. The 2013-2014 tuition fee is $1,075 ($50 discount for registration forms and payments received by July 31, 2013).

QUESTIONS? Contact our Mitzvah Corps educator.

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