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Boy from Tunisia

The artists at Bezalel wanted to show Jews from many different places. This work of art shows a young Jewish boy from Tunisia.
Moshe Murro
Exhibited in Palestine Pavilion in World's Fair, 1939–40
Silver cast plaque with filigree silver frame Jerusalem, late 1930s

Collection of Ira and Brigitte Rezak

Mezuzah Cases

Each of these objects is a mezuzah case, a decorated container for the doorway of a Jewish home. Inside the mezuzah case there is usually a small scroll with the Hebrew prayer Shema Yisrael written on it. Jews from around the world bought mezuzah cases from Bezalel like these and placed them on the doorposts of their own homes.
Sharar Workshop
Brass and tin
Jerusalem, ca. 1920

From the Collection Ira and Brigitte Rezak

The Return of the Spies from Canaan

These ceramic tiles show a scene from the Bible in which two spies carry a giant cluster of grapes from the Land of Israel. What do you think the artist is trying to say about the Land?
A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey; and This is its Fruit (Num. 13:27)
Glazed and painted ceramic tile
Keramika Workshop
Jerusalem, ca. 1925

Private Collection

Lotto Game with Flora of Palestine

You've probably played matching games like this before. But this one is a little different: each picture shows a type of plant that grows in the Land of Israel
Nehemia Bedarshi (1897–1953)
Color lithograph
Jerusalem, ca. 1915
Collection of Ira and Brigitte Rezak


A dreidel is a special top for the holiday of Hanukkah. A dreidel can be made of any material—plastic, wood, or, of course, clay. These dreidels from the Bezalel workshop are made of silver and brass.
Jerusalem, 1920s
Brass and silver

Private Collection
Collection of Congregation Emanu-El (center)