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Parashat Tol'dot (December 3, 2016)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol

TOL’DOT CHRONICLES ABRAHAM’S FAMILY INTO THE NEXT GENERATION. Like so many of the Torah portions of Genesis, this one is chock-full of iconic stories…known to practically every Religious School student.

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Robyn -- I love the way you point out the paradox of this story, and of so
many Biblical tales. We go on and on, believing that there is some sort of
divine right for elder sons over younger ones, for men over women in Jewish
tradition. Yet the Bible constantly makes younger sons -- Abel, Jacob,
Joseph, Moses -- superior  to older ones and women -- Eve, Sarah, Rebecca,
Rachel -- smarter than men. Maybe the Bible is trying to tell us something?
Or does that just make for a better story?

bjeis - November 28th

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