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Nitzavim (October 1, 2016)
by Jessica Ingram

I STILL CAN REMEMBER, so vividly, the first time I truly heard this Torah portion, Nitzavim. We learn that we read the Torah week after week, year after year, because each time we read it we are at a different place within ourselves, and a different context surrounds us. I’m sure many of us know and accept this in a theoretical or intellectual way, but I hope that many of us also have experienced such a moment of personal revelation — a deep, meaningful connection to Torah, when it startles us with its poignant relevance to our lives.

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radical amazement
The idea of "radical amazement" is a habit worth cultivating,
although it requires a high level of skepticism and discipline that few of
us can sustain.

A wonderful commentary.  Thank you.

jer120 - September 27th

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