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Parashat Shof'tim (September 10, 2016)
by Saul Kaiserman

JEWS HISTORICALLY HAVE HAD an uneasy relationship with the idea of monarchy. Our experience has taught us that we have good reason to distrust tyranny in any form. For every Alexander or Darius who championed our liberty, there was a Pharaoh, Ferdinand or Antiochus who enslaved, exiled or subjugated us. Even when we ruled ourselves, as under Herod the Great, our sovereigns all too often used their power for personal gain or to advance their political interests.

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Parashat Shof'tim - Kings
Excellent commentary, thank you, so very relevant as we anticipate a
presidential election with hope, doubt, aspiration, and misgiving.

Wendl - September 5th

A Commentary for Our Times
I was struck with how relevant Saul Kaiserman's commentary is, in light of
the current election campaign. Without ever alluding to the campaign or
either candidate, he has spun a cautionary tale -- thoughtful people, and
especially Jews, must never be tempted to cede power to an elected official
who promises to take care of them in an autocratic way. I am happy that
Saul is in charge of helping to shape young minds.

bjeis - September 5th

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