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Parashat Emor (May 21, 2016)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol


PARASHAT EMOR CONTAINS such iconic concepts as “an eye for an eye” (Lev. 24:20), the imperative to apply one standard for the stranger and citizen alike (Lev. 24:22), and the command to leave the corners of the fields available for those in need (Lev. 23:22). But to our modern sensibilities, much of this parashah is irrelevant. It can be divided into distinctive sections, none of which is of consequence to most Jews we know: the regulations concerning priests and the sanctuary, the establishment of the festival calendar, and a seemingly disconnected vignette about stoning a blasphemer. Not one of these has any connection to us today.

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Everyone Welcome
I am delighted to hear of Emanu-El's participation in the program providing
job opportunities for the handicapped. The congregation's past record in
this area was somewhat mixed. Although the Religious School has long been
accepting of children with special needs, the Temple has sometimes fallen
down on the job. Some years ago, a delegation from an out-of-town
congregation toured the Temple, but the man who organized the tour was
wheelchair-bound and he had to stay outside and chat with one of our rabbis
while his fellow congregants got the tour. I do hope the Temple has been
made more accessible since then.

bjeis - May 16th

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