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Parashat Tazria (April 9, 2016)
by Wendl Kornfeld

AT SATURDAY MORNING TORAH STUDY, we need little encouragement to express our opinions. Nor is humor absent. Our backgrounds range from Torah newbies to scholars of related history and literature. The weekly text is examined through the lens of its own time but perhaps more for its relevance to modern lifestyles and values. We Torah students are not shy about challenging, even rejecting, one another’s opinion — including the rabbi’s! After all, if we agreed on everything, then there’d be no need to come back each week. (Then again, there are bagels.)

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Judging Others
Wendl -- Once again, you are right on the mark! I agree that Tazria can be
read today as a warning against judging others by appearances. Also, thanks
for the plug for our Saturday morning group. People who don't come don't
know what they are missing. Bj

bjeis - April 5th

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