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Parashat Va-eira (January 9, 2016)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol

THIS WEEK’S PORTION is about memory, hope and faith. The opening verses, among the most beautiful recapitulations and reaffirmations of the covenant, presage the ultimate act of redemption. We know what is coming, and yet we are swept up in the cadences of this statement. The Israelites have not been forgotten, nor has the promise been made to generations before.

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Robyn Cimbol commentary
The dilemma of Pharaoh's hardened and un-hardened heart is thoughtfully
discussed here. In preparing a commentary for "Bo" I tried to
discuss the last plague (the death of the firstborn) and was so bothered by
that very same dilemma that I decided to discuss something else entirely.
Kudos to Robyn for tackling this problem sp well!

bjeis - January 5th

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