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Parashat Mikeitz (December 12, 2015)
by Missy Bell

THIS WEEK’S PARASHAH, Mikeitz, continues the story of Joseph. Joseph is still in prison in Egypt. However, he soon is released because Pharaoh has two dreams that no one is able to interpret until the butler, remembering the time Joseph interpreted his dream in prison, tells Pharaoh about Joseph. Joseph is able to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, although he gives the credit to God. Joseph tells Pharaoh that his dream of the seven fat cows and seven good ears of corn means that there will be seven years of plenty in the land. The dream of seven lean cattle and seven thin ears of corn means that seven years of famine will follow. Pharaoh rewards Joseph for this interpretation, giving him a wife and putting him in a position of power — supervising the storage of grain during the seven years of plenty and the distribution of the grain during the famine.

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This weeks Parashat & Missy Bell's commentary
This weeks Torah Portion and your response is so appropriate and timely,
given the conditions in the world, in our country and right here in New
York.  Most of us enjoy the benefits of the proverbial "horn of
plenty" but there are so many who are far less fortunate.  Your
commentary is "right on" and I hope that many more of us, after
reading your message, will be moved to donate to social action causes so
that others may enjoy the fruits of what most of us take for granted. 
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
December 7th

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