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Parashat Vayeishev (December 5, 2015)
by Sherry Nehmer

ONCE AGAIN, this week’s parashah contains a story where, although the main character is male, two women have their brief moments in the sun. As in Parashat Pinchas, we have one woman who flaunts her sexuality for no good purpose, but also, unlike the five sisters in Pinchas who demand their rights to own land, here we have one very bold woman who uses sex to achieve a point of Hebrew law.

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Tamar and other Ladies
Sherry -- Loved your commentary, especially your quoting Shakespeare. I'll
bet if the Bible were a play, they's have boys playing the women's parts.
But at least Tamar gets the last laugh! And isn't she supposed to the
great-great somebody of King David?

bjeis - November 30th

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