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Parashat B'reishit (October 10, 2015)
by Saul Kaiserman

AS BEFITS THE INSCRUTABLE STORY OF CREATION, occurring beyond the limits of our scientific research and historic knowledge, the very first word of the Torah contains within it a mystery. Although the traditional English translation is “In the beginning,” it more accurately should be translated as “In a beginning” — in one beginning, among other beginnings. This is a significant difference. If it is “a” beginning, then that implies that God created other worlds besides our own!

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2 Stories of Creation
Saul -- Loved your commentary. My Bible teacher at Wellesley used to say
that Christianity (he was a Christian minister) made a terrible mistake by
putting more emphasis on the Adam and Eve story than on the first version,
which says, "male and female created He them," He thought Judaism
had the right idea!

bjeis - October 4th

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