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Parashat Acharei Mot-K'doshim (May 2, 2015)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol

AFTER DEATH – HOLINESS… The title of this week’s combined reading evokes images of suicide bombers and ISIS terrorists! But it is through this dissonance that we both confront our own mortality and embrace our capacity to live on a higher moral plane.

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Holiness and Separation
Robyn Cimbol's insightful commentary gives us much food for thought. As she
points out, the text makes clear that the Israelites must separate
themselves from other communities in order to be "a kingdom of priests
and a holy people." Through the generations, this command was both our
salvation and our curse. Strict observance of Jewish law meant keeping
Kosher and Shabbat -- practices that unified and sanctified Jewish life,
and at the same time made Jews an easy target for prejudice and
persecution. For modern American Jews, the challenge is, as say every
Shabbat, "Now that we live in a land of freedom, we must strive" 
to continue to practice our faith. Robyn delineates the challenge

bjeis - April 27th

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