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Parashat Tzav (March 28, 2015)
by Rabbi Benjamin J. Zeidman

IT IS NOT MERE COINCIDENCE that we read Tzav this time of the year. We’ve turned our clocks forward, and Passover is just around the corner. We read this week: “The priest shall dress in linen raiment with linen breeches next to his body; and he shall take up the ashes to which the fire has reduced the burnt offering on the altar and place them beside the altar.” (Leviticus 6:3) It’s time for spring cleaning!

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Spring Cleaning
Rabbi Zeidman's insightful comments on the eagerness of the priests to
clean the altar brings back memories. When I was little, a wonderful lady
(her name was Bertha, but I called her Bobo) cleaned the house, cooked and
took care of me. Every week, she set aside Friday for "thorough
cleaning," but that was not as thorough as "Spring
cleaning." A tiny lady, she lugged our big rugs out to the
clotheslines in back of the apartment house and beat them until they
screamed. She scrubbed every scrabbable inch of the house. When my mother
wasn't working in her store, she helped.  The process made even me feel
good. If spring cleaning came, could spring be far behind?

bjeis - March 23rd

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