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Parashat B'shalach (January 31, 2015)
by Rachel Brumberg

THIS WEEK’S TORAH PORTION, Parashat B’shalach, is the starting point for the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Once Pharaoh “let the people go” (Exodus 13:17), God led them out of the land of Egypt by a pillar of cloud during the day and fire at night. And when Pharaoh had a change of heart and set out with his chariots and officers to overtake them, God told Moses to lift his rod and hold out his arms to split the Sea of Reeds. The Israelites went through; the water closed; the Egyptians were killed; and we have a story to tell every Passover. This portion also includes songs, timbrels, manna from heaven and our introduction to Amalek — a man to whom all enemies of the Jewish people are said to be related. There’s definitely a lot going on.

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From Generation to Generation
As one of the older (some would say ancient) members of Temple Emanu-El and
a past president of the Parents' Organization of the Religious School, I am
delighted to read such an enlightened and literate commentary from someone
who is entrusted with the education of our children. Just as you applaud
Moses' committment to Joseph, so I applaud  your dedication to honor the
age-old command: "And you shall teach it diligently to our

bjeis - January 26th

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